Friday, December 4, 2009

VACATION TRAVEL IN THE YEAR 3000. copyright Carlos de la Parra.

My 13 year old grandson convinced me to go on a trip on his spaceship, to the unseen area of the universe.
I really didn't feel like traveling that far,but if I had refused,he would have gone by himself,so to avoid staying behind worrying until he came back,I climbed on board.Man that saucer could speed a few thousand miles an hour,but nothing to worry about because it had "anti crash",that is collision rejective technology.
But I should have known better than falling asleep as he piloted;before I knew what was going on he had flown us into a black hole and the vaccum tripled our speed every three minutes times three,and it got scary as hell,I remembered stories of kids that got on one of those space tunnels and wound up getting absorbed by the sun until they went beyond ashes and turned into fire,but he assured me that wouldn't happen ,and if it did there was really nothing he could do about it until we got out of that no control zone.
I knew better than to argue with him,he was already in college; because nowadays education allows you to enroll in a university at any time you feel ready to study anything;the world government pays for all that because it figures it keeps the young out of trouble and blowing up entire city blocks before anyone knows what's going on.
So to make a long story short we wound up on a planetoid right in the middle of nowhere and our radio signal wasn't reaching anyone,I started griping that we would spend the rest of our lives in this strange world
populated only by weird lizards,and the dogs kept barking at them and would drive me crazy; but he assured me none of that would happen because technology was advancing nowadays at lightning speed,and the neighbors knew we would be back after the vacation season ,and once they list us as missing persons someone would find us.It was just a matter of four to five weeks time so we might as well enjoy the swimming,the 12 color sunsets,and hunting for lizards which didn't taste bad at all.
He was right about the technology advances,but it didn't take six weeks to find us,it was rather like eight months,fortunately during that time two beautiful models managed to get stranded in the same planetoid so
we were not so lonesome any more.
The guy from space rescue arrived and told us about how they found us through a device that they recently invented ,on which they picked up the sound waves of the dogs barking,they matched them from our home movies we had on file at world central computer.
Our ship was recycled because it was deemed a total loss by the insurance company,my grandson went back to college,and I went back to my simple life tomato farming in outer space,but the first thing I did when I got back was put a claim on ten thousand acres on the planetoid,which I had a right to under space law for being the first one to land there,so I'm going back there next summer because I partnered up with a food company that's going to market my iguana burgers.By the way my grandson researched in the computer and
found out that the planetoid we've been to had been known as planet earth,before it was destroyed by a greedy,and weird primitive society,that ran that world.You would never think that could happen in such a beautiful place.
                                                      THE END.  read on more than 83 microstories.Most shorter ones.

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