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CHICKEN RACING FRENZY----(y más abajo en éste sitio encuentre todo en versión en español) FRENESÍ DE CARRERAS DE GALLINAS.copyright Carlos de la Parra

By reading this very instant,you have been spared from a Greek tragedy style beginning.

Now moving on forward from this absurd and unnecessary explanation you are about to witness facts,that you might treasure for the rest of your life ,or not.

Charlie Reds had spent a good amount of his adulthood,(mid-forties),working at finding angles that would bring him,quick and easy money;but he was now mature enough to know that the easy no longer applied,so he tried to concentrate on the quick part.

Up to this point he had made some progress,quite slowly,but keeping his success graphics on the upwards,in the unusual bussiness of ice sculpting for banquets and weddings;and his secret trick consisted in making the sculptures from freezing water in large molds,which came in diverse shapes;swans,castles,towers,dinosaurs,
etc. and he would add this chemical to the water that would keep it longer from melting,so it would stand for the duration of the event. He would arrive earlier than the guests at the event,and start working polishing up details on the ice with power tools and small flame throwers,causing the effect in people's eyes that he had created the sculpture from a solid block of ice,and when finished he would always get a big hand from the audience ,which he loved.
But although bussiness had been stable and growing for Charlie,he ambitioned yet more;and this caused him to think up a scheme,in which he would set up a dirt track,where they would have racing chickens,and they would bet on the races;after all he lived in Vegas,and you could easily find people to bet on just about anything.
He had his eureka moment on a day that he went to a chicken ranch with one of the cooks who went there to pick up some live fowl ,to be slaughtered later for the banquet;it seems that the cook was to help him transport some of his ice works afterwards,because his truck was at the shop getting tuned up.So when he saw those chicken run for their lives as the cook and the farmer chased them around,the thought flashed in his mind.Chicken races.So he talked the farmer into renting him some space and some chickens.
The dirt track was oval shaped,and he separated each lane with a transparent plastic material,so you could see through,and this would keep chickens racing within their corresponding designated space.All around the track he rigged up an ingenious spray system that would cause jets of water to pursue the birds and make them run like the devil.
The Chicken Derby,was successfuly registered with the gambling commission,and it became an immediate hit with the locals,and Charlie Reds was very happy at his new endeavour,and the money was not bad,but there were also lots of expenses,such as advertising,maintenance,permits,parking ,whatnot;which kept draining from his income,not to mention that Charlie was hitting the party circuits and the casinos more often than usual,so his accounting was not fully matching his expectations;if he could just figure out a way to fix the Chicken Derby ,he could make enough in a couple of weeks to set himself up with his own spa in Costa Rica,where he would just lie in a hammock by the beach and have someone in Vegas send him all the customers for his personal paradise.
So he buried under each racing lane a metallic mesh that could deliver controlled intensity electric shocks to the chickens as they raced;and he had a control switch that allowed him to enable any specific lane with the electric current;and equally change it to a different one once he had a winner in the finish line;thus controlling
the trifectas to a point that would give him an increase in his edge.All he had to do is play it subtly not to arouse any suspicion.It worked.Charlie was on his way to riches.
Not to overdo it,he did not win every single race,played it really cool and laundered the money hiding it in plain sight in his casino cards,making it look like winnings on the tables,so far ,so good; but then he met Paola,an incredible beauty from Italy;and he fell so madly in love with her,that he proposed marriage and convinced her to follow him to Costa Rica,to have their honeymoon there and help him launch his spa.
So now he started rushing the winnings a little more to supplement his expenses for the wedding,engagement ring,and wining and dining Paola and her 16 closest italian relatives,part of a growing number that kept gradually increasing when the word got around that Paola was engaged to the owner of The Chicken Derby,and that he was a big spender treating the whole family to a non stop party all over Vegas.
Charlie organized all his newly acquired family to place bets for him,and they were only too happy to oblige and this became a win win situation for all involved,because Charlie would give them a cut and now they either partied on their own penny or competed to pick up the check when they went out with the engaged couple,and this made it a great arrangement for all involved.
By this time Charlie Reds had already bought out the chicken farmer and the operation was 100% owned by him.And he was having a fantastic lifestyle,but his inner voice kep pressing him to get the Spa ready,before some bigger fish started coveting his turf;this town had a lot of major players that could easily displace him by setting up some bigger better competing similar Chicken Derby.
Then that high season holiday sunday came up,and when he saw the crowd had come to his place like a human Tsunami;at least 15thousand people had swarmed the races;he made up his mind right then and there and rigged up some bets in a big way,cashing in pretty hard.It was like divine justice come true.

They were here to bring him the money and set him free forever in his very own echological paradise,he could see himself training monkeys to wait on the tables,he felt powerful as a bussinessman.He had arrived.
And the tide of people came rolling in with fury.In a few weeks he had put away three million after taxes;with those numbers in hand ;he cleansed all the tracks of rigging the chicken races,sold the place to a local honcho for ten million,and he was able to purchase his own private bay,with a gorgeous little island included in his property.Although Paola and he lived there happily ever after,not everything was perfect.The damn monkey
kept drinking his beer.
THE END.CLIC ON FOR MORE.spanish version soon.

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  1. The electric shocked chickens made me laugh ... I know it shouldn't have ... but it did :-)

    Nice work!