Monday, November 23, 2009


Everyone has been finding their perfect brain matching story in this blog,do not be confused by a few sprinklings of humor,unless that is exactly your thing,there are many issues that are DOWNTOWN SERIOUS,so clic on comments at the end of each posting,and print your opinion for a guaranteed reply
or a free analysis both about writing and the psychological issues.Remember that there is a statistic that proves all of humanity is connected by a six persons distance relationship,and it's getting shorter through the internet.We are all so close and yet so far from getting the planet repaired,and it just takes YOU,not someone else.So read CAREFULLY AND FIND THE CODES that apply to you in the microstories.
The light at the end of the tunnel is closer than you imagine,help everyone reach the golden age of humanity.
The first signal comes to light in the release of the modern slaves,and their invisible chains.You must learn to use the power of the word,for the word is the vehicle.Those with eyes to see will know and those with ears to hear will listen,my voice is silent but the words are here.


  1. Carlos
    Love the microstories. Very poetic, very wise and a new concept, at least to me. Thanks for reading my Elvis tale. You're right, there's more than meets the eye to Elvis Presley, and his artistic growth was stifled by Colonel Parker and others. When Elvis died, John Lennon said that as far as he was concerned, Elvis died when he joined the army, referring to his bland generic output thereafter. As far as the math genius thing, that was a dig at my big brother, who is indeed a math genius and has been since before he could read. Good to meet you and keep up the good work. Wage peace. - Bob Crespo

  2. Carlos,
    Thank you for your kind words and let me extend my sincere condolences on the loss of your own mother. I need not attempt to describe such a loss to you, and know that you feel what I feel. Her life and her teachings will live on through you and everyone whose lives she touched. Let us be grateful this Thanksgiving to have had such a being in our lives, to shape us, and love us so fiercely, and encourage us to be the best little boy we can be, and made us the good men we have become. There are no self-made men, and no one walks alone. Let us count our blessings to have had such fine company on our journey. - Bob Crespo

  3. CRESPO, you are a lying bastard ..too bad you didnt listen to her ...because your whole adult life has been smoking and freebasing that crack want people to know the truth ----then why also did your wife put you in jail .....oh yes i know because you hit her ...and you would say i dont hit my wife ....well pushing her to the ground and verbal abuse is just as bad ... then you had to run to mommy again untill the court order was up ...i told my sis to leave your tired ass already..but she is more insecure than you ...keep up the good work jerk off ....your mother would be proud ...