Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The doctor was shown into the old lady's quarters by the 8o year old attendant who looked after
her .It took forever to reach the top floor; the four flights of stairs seemed to never end,specially
because the scrawny servant was apparently paranoid and would look back at the physician every two steps and measured him up with that deep stare that reminds you of an iguana.
When he finally arrived at the top of this enourmous argentinian mansion,he was warmly greeted by Mrs.Pietrasanta,who had been anxiously waiting for his arrival.
---Doctor!...oh dear doctor I thought you had cancelled my visit...and I'm having so much pain...
I hope you brought something to heal me....---
----Ah,certainly Mrs.Pietrasanta,I had dinner at the restaurant with your son the chef,who gave
me clear instructions as to the type of relief that you require...oh...and by the way he sent you this package...I believe it's your dinner...----
----OH,dear Carlitos he is such an angel ,the only one of my three sons that works...and a good
son always looking after his mother ....please put that food on the dresser and give me my injection before I passout right here and die at night...I just don't want that; if I must die I'd like it to be sunny...so I can see my way to heaven on a beautiful day....I dread the thought of croaking in the dark...where I would be lost into the darkness and crash into a witch or something....----
----We will not allow that to happen ,Mrs Pietrasanta---said the doctor who had been loading a syringe with a substance prepared to ease the disconfort on her terminally ill body,and he now proceeded to inject her.He watched how she enjoyed the effect of the narcotic that pulled her away from the claws of her excruciating pain...
----Oh...doc...you are a genius...no wonder my son spoke so highly of you...I heard you sometimes take care of presidents,and many people in high places---
----No one as charming as you Madam...it is really wonderful to have met you,and I consider it
an honor to be of service to such a distinguished lady...---
And the phone started ringing...
She asked him to pass her the phone...
---Helloooo....Oh Carlitos darling ....that doctor you sent is here sweet heart ...a real professional,this one....let me put the phone on speaker so we can all join in...o.k.,now it's ready...
say hello to the doctor my dear...---
----Doctor...I'm so grateful you bothered....---
---It was no bother at all...on the contrary Carlitos it is a privilege to meet your mother...----
---Hey Carlitos you should see the stuff he gave me,if they had given that to Michael Jackson he would still be alive!....
They all laughed out loud at the mother's remark.
---Now mama...the doctor was kind enough to take your dinner...I personally made this tournedo medium rare just the way you like it...please eat...you are getting too skinny...help me watch for your health...---
---But I had dinner already...your sister came by and made me eat a lot of fruit and tea,she says
it's ayurvedic remedies or some crazyness like that...----
---Well it's my fault mama ...things got too busy at the restaurant and see what happens...she feeds you ayurvedic,when I had this marvelous tournedo in garlicky wine and berry sauce that
is truly finger sucking,ask the doctor...that's what he had,a real dream plate...---
---No need to ask...you're not the top chef in Buenos Aires for nothing...but I'm really full and not hungry...---
---O.k.mama...but if you won't eat it don't be feeding that to one of my brothers...you'll spoil them even more...if you are not going to eat serve it to Victor....---
---All right...Victor will eat it ...---
----Promise,mama...listen...it got very busy here I gotta go...thank you again doctor...and please come by here tomorrow,we're having lobsters in mango mash...---
----I would not miss that for the world...---
And Carlitos hung up.
Mrs.Pietrasanta pressed a call button and ordered the servant to send Victor upstairs for dinner.
The doctor asked:---Is Victor your husband?---
----Oh no,---she replied----Victor is the dog.
THE END...Copyright Carlos de la Parra.
The spanish version will follow,adding more flavor to the story,due to it's argentinian setting.


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