Saturday, November 21, 2009

MORE FROM CHRONICLES OF YEAR3000. copyright Carlos de la Parra.

FOCUS NOW WITH ME SPACE TRAVELERS. We are going to deal this time with very serious
matters concerning time and space,at that very frontier where they blend and one becomes the other in the manner described here within a spaceship, that had gone beyond those limits in a mission,that had situated the ship into a time factor of eternal present.Not withstanding that the fact of this matter may not be reached by feebler minds,I will proceed allowing you an inside view of our carrier in question: "Spacecraft Waterwalk",and their brave crew who aimed at bringing back the answer that their research assignment sought after,and that was no less than
the molecular explanation of what process developed at the exact moment when Jesus had multiplied the fish and the bread ,at the well known biblical historic event.

Anthony Yogurt,second pilot in training,was fully asleep in his resting chamber,when a flight assistant came buy to awake him,and take his breakfast order.
The robot was latest generation equipment,like everything else in the craft,and it was most helpful to have around,since it was able to do mind capture at your request and would perform functions such as cloning yourself into the device,so it would do your job when needed and allow you to be free to do whatever.
----So how long did I sleep?...---

-----About five years ,give or take a month...---

----THAT LONG?....---

----You must remember that once you travel in eternal present,time computes at different span you must convert to regresive paralel equations,to be more accurate...---

---So ,...that would mean how long?....---

----Couple of hours...---

----Girl...that's fast calculation...I wonder sometimes why do you robots need us humans at all?---
---We really don't...but we keep you around because you invented us...habit,I guess...----

----Oh girl...I love you...I love you so much...---

And Anthony Yogurt,the second pilot,kissed her...a warm long kiss...he didn't care what anybody thought about the fact that he was in love with this female robot...after was true love.

THE END....I hope this micro story brought you some joy.
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