Thursday, November 12, 2009

THE EPIPHANY OF THOMAS MITTY copyright Carlos de la Parra.

one of my favorite years in history was the year 3000.For one thing humanity had become more humane,thus honoring it's namesake,all wars had ended forever,now that all borders were deleted,and some groups of well meaning folks had taken on the job to reorganize the planet by institutionalizing interest of the species as a top priority,that would always be in place above any comertial or profit bearing interest.Which does not mean people had become perfect,after all we are still human and prone to err,but there were not as much wasteful efforts by demanding so much paperwork on everyone's record,they had finally let one large world computer center take care of all these issues,nowadays if you applied for work,your facescan would present your entire history to your potential employer,and Central Computing kept tabs of every imaginable record,and that meant,housing,food,natural resources,medical,education,so every human being was free from hunger and poverty,like a gigantic middle class from where you could grow to better positions. But poverty ,homelesness and many issues of that sort,were buried in history,So in a world of these characteristics ,takes place the microstory we are now in reading,
Thomas Mitty was a hard working and diligent employee of central computing,he was assigned to religious issues of robotic assistance priorities for the city that floated in mid air with view of the river,formerly known as Sacramento,Now Sky for short.He was a normal young lad who practiced "fisheu" in his leisure time.
Fisheu was a sport that was widely liked by the young people,in this era,and it consisted in skating on a foamy surface inside an area that seemed like a large ballroom,and the footwear they skated on seemed like
strapped shoes with a brush under the soles so they could do speed skating,and each contender had a netbag,with a large fish in it,and they would smack the living beejeezus out of each other ,causing the opponent to fall on the ground for scoring,quite a festive sport this was.Historians had records of year 2100 when this discipline started,and the participants would use real fish as a weapon,hence the name fisheu.
But at the present time they used a kind of rubber like fish that made this cool vibrating sound when it hit someone's head or body.
So one day,while everyone was out for lunch break,Thomas was arranging some data in the duties assignment feeder,when he runs head on into the shocking revelation that Mrs.Janworth,his boss's secretary was none other than God rather.And now he understood why she was such a nice lady,and why his boss never misstreated her or yelled at her like he did to the rest of the employees that were assigned to that area.There used to be this rumor going around that she had something on him...or that they were lovers or something,but now he knew better.When everyone was back from lunch ,Thomas spoke to her and let her know that he was aware she was God,that he would keep the secret,and would she grant him the grace of not getting any more abuse from the boss.She stared at him,a fixed unblinking powerful almighty stare,not denying in the least manner that she was a divine presence,and said:---Granted....Mr.Morton will never again abuse you or yell at you nor make you the target of his anger in any way,but first you must do what I ask of you..----
---Yes dear Mrs.Janworth...whatever you ask of me I will do...I will chant...I will pray...I will light candles or do anything religious if you ask me too...I WILL RUN AROUND THE OFFICE ON MY KNEES..---,.
he said rather loudly,
---NO!...--- she replied,....Why would I want you to go into such nonsense...but here is what you will do...
you will walk into Mr.Morton's office...and walk directly to him...and give him your best slap ever,,,---
Thomas Mitty pinched himself to assure himself that he was not dreaming...oh...what a joyous moment...
Inside his head his inner voice yelled---...Thank you Jesus!....I mean thank you Mrs.Janworth!---
And he marched straight into Mr.Morton's office ,and the mean boss barked at him for not knocking,and the next thing you could hear is the loudest pop you could imagine,just like he would swing the fish at his opponents in the fisheu games,he had slapped Mr.Morton to the ground.After that a series of shocking events seemed to overwhelm Thomas.Mr,Morton had him thrown out into the sidewalk by the security guards,and soon enough he learned that Mrs.Janworth had used him,that she was not God but the computer had lied to him because she set it up to do so,and that he was unemployed.
Like I told you,the world was not yet perfect.
                                                                      THE,as always ,the spanish version.

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